★ Proud to say hand-made in the USA ★

Sale starts 11/26. Virtually indestructible and hand-made in the USA. Offers jelly, fruit, seed and/or suet for year around use. Fully welded hardened steel & 2 watertight reusable red silicone jelly cups included. Choose either "Orange Powder-Coated" or natural bare steel "Will-Rust" finish. Lifetime steel parts replacement guarantee with normal use INCLUDES varmint & deer damage. Please weigh this price against the cost of replacing plastic, tin, ceramic, glass & wood IMPORTED feeders over the years. Caution: These feeders are not squirrel proof. Free shipping. Sold only within the continental U.S. NEVER OUT OF STOCK.

The Spiral birdfeeder is virtually indestructible & attracts a variety of birds year around! NOT squirrel proof.