★ Proud to say handmade in the USA ★

Indestructible Spiral Bird Feeder

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  • This is one of the only feeders on the market that can be passed on to the grand-kids, so please weigh this purchase against the cost of  imported, tin, wood, glass & plastic replacement feeders over the years!
  • Two sample seed bowls included - almost any 20 oz disposable bowl works.  See Bowl Capacity
  • 2 Red silicone jelly cups included.  If lost or damaged, see Helpful Hints for replacement options
  • Proud to say handmade in the USA." Each feeder is made from fully-welded, hardened steel, professionally powder coated and handmade by the inventor/artist himself
  • Squirrel problem?  Try tightening the bolt to prevent rocking & put a handful of seed in the bowl.  He will eat what he can reach but will leave some for the birds where he cannot reach - between the spiral & the bowl sides.
  • The spiral substantially reduces flicking the seed out onto the ground.  Only shells & husks left in the bowl at days end.

Lifetime guarantee:

Tested against opossum, racoon, squirrels & deer.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with a feeder's performance - when used as intended - we will replace the feeder or refund the entire purchase price upon feeder return.

The Spiral Bird Feeder is virtually indestructible & attracts a variety of birds year-round!