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  2. I am so Impressed with my feeder. The Orioles are always at the feeder now! I just never realized how many birds are in my own front yard. I bought the feeder as a whim and just love it!
  3. Our new feeder like that has worked out great! In the past few days, I've been putting short strands of cotton string across it. The female orioles seem to snatch them almost immediately!
  4. The Orioles have returned to Buffalo NY. Our feeder is the most successful Oriole feeder we have found on the market to date.
  5. Ohio: I put my spiral feeder out the other day and within the hour they came to dine! Love my feeder!!
  6. I really like the feeder. I love that I have orioles, for the very first time. Can’t wait for spring!! Merry Christmas Jeff!
  7. For you birders out there....this product sounds like a great deal and the inventor is a hoot.
  8.  Able to get a shot of Orioles on the feeder. Great product
  9. WOW! We have enjoyed so many new birds to our neighborhood with this feeder! Orioles, catbirds, gold finches - and we live in the city.
  10. Originally purchased as a gift for my mother, I had to have one as well. We placed oranges in the feeder and within 20 minutes we had 'instant orioles'.
  11. We love this bird feeder - and you will too!
  12. Mavadene: Love love my spiral feeder! Just purchased this winter and have been very happy with all the birds coming to help themselves to the seed. Anxious to use this spring with the grape jelly and oranges for the orioles!
  13. Kathe: I have 4 different ones and absolutely love them! Very cool. And no one put me up to it.
  14. Laura: I too found you via Facebook and then bought an additional one through a local retailer. I’ve never met you but your feeders are amazing :)
  15. Yes they were hesitant at first with the new feeder but didnt take long!
  16. I have two or three of these feeders and I LOVE them!
  17. Benton,WI: Five minutes after hanging the feeder out the birds were enjoying the jelly. We even got a scarlet tanager. The first one we have ever seen in our yard.
  18. I am so impressed with this feeder. Put it up 2 days ago, and the Orioles have shown up. I will try and snap a picture soon! Thanks for your invention Jeff!
  19. I have been trying for years.... I now get these beautiful birds daily! Love the versatility with the spiral feeder! If you do not have one and you want Orioles....This is what it takes!
  20. Fran: counted 6 finches this morning in the rain. When you are in Eagle could you bring me another double rocker Eric stole mine.
  21. I love my spiral bird feeder! I have had goldfinch, bluebirds, grosbeaks and orioles feeding -sometimes at the same time! Thank you for your invention!!
  22. Northern Ohio: The Orioles definitely like your spiral feeder better than mine. So much that I had to move my old feeder with the rocker feeder so the food would get eaten. Its funny, they will eat from the spiral feeder first then move to my old one....Goofy birds. I only own a camera phone so I wont attempt an action photo but i did include this photo so you have a visual.
  23. Got my first oriole today I never had one before feeder worked so great
  24. I love my spiral bird feeder! Not only the orioles flock to it, but other birds too. It has a wonderful design! I received it as a gift, and bought 3 more for gifts! Wanted to share these beautiful feeders! I am keeping my eye on your page to see if you ever make new ones! Thank you!
  25. Lani: I ordered this feeder and love it!
  26. Diane: beautiful! And I love the feeders I got from you and the birds love them too!!
  27. Wren: Love the Paulson oriole feeder. Just purchased one.
  28. orioles and grosbeaks!
  29. Luanne: They love it. I have many more photos on my SD card.
  30. Cleveland, Ohio: Awesome - thanks, Jeff.  It has been so great to see orioles - been in Cleveland 39 years and this is my first glimpse of them.
  31. Even though it seems late for Orioles...I have one frequenting my new feeder, makes me SO happy! GREAT PRODUCT, thank you, I've been trying unsuccessfully for years to attract these beautiful birds!
  32. Karin: Your feeder has improved my front yard birding! Thanks Jeff!
  33. Trina: This is just so amazing. Doing so much for so many birds. Love your Spiral Feeders you use and also supply....the more I watch just live your updates God bless your product everywhere.... Helping so many birds. Feeding them jelly, fruit seeds etc in your great creation. ....Just a wonderful learning experience for us and wonderful for them.... God bless all you do Your talent just aiding so many different species. Love those feeders.
  34. Dave: Amazing Jeff ,beautiful to watch this
  35. Nicole: recommends Spiral Bird Feeder. Low maintenance, easy to use, quality material and very durable! It does the job and the red color is very appealing!
  36. Sue: I LOVE your feeders! I have them and I have given them as gifts also.
  37. Paul: We love the feeders we bought from you around Christmas Jeff!
  38. Anita: Because of your videos I bought one of these feeders and the Catbirds love the jelly. So much fun to watch them. Still waiting for a Baltimore Oriole to visit. Thanks for sharing.
  39. Deborah: I have the second feeding station. I have to wait for a good rain before I can get it in my rock yard. Birds do love the feeder however. I keep sunflower hears in it.
  40. Vickie: didn’t take them long to find it. It is great!
  41. Vickie: Just wanted to let you know I love the feeder!
  42. Matt: Jeff, We tried it with oranges today in your feeder and, even with Winter, they loved it!
  43. I have 2 of them & bought 1 for my folks. They are great, especially for jelly in the summer. Great work.
  44. Kimberly: I got one of these feeders for my birthday and I LOVE it. Just switched over to oranges and grape jelly yesterday. So far just the purple finches and robins are partaking.
  45. I have your feeder too Jeff and love it! And love all your bird videos, your grass was so green before the snow came! You have such a great selection of birds, but I still say it has to do with the fab., feeders!!!!!!!
  46. I have two or three of these feeders and I LOVE them!
  47. I bought the Quad Bird Feeder from you last year and I am thrilled with it. So glad that I passed your booth. I can't wait to hang it outside.
  48. Ruth: Love my new feeder, thanks! And so do the orioles. Thanks so very much for the quick response. These are the very best oriole feeders and this year we had a bonanza of birds.
  49. Warrenville has nasty squirrels, they attack feeder at least once a day! But orioles keep coming back & aren't giving up on me! I absolutely love, love, love my feeder. The orioles love it too. They’re a bit skiddish trying to get a pic but I’ll do my best. Easy care and lovely to display. I’m very pleased with it. Thank you.
  50. Diane: I have grape jelly in two of mine and oranges in the other two. They are loving it all, including the Spiral Bird Feeder! Thanks for getting it to me so quickly!
  51. Robert: Best feeder ever.
  52. Got an orange (no takers yet) and jelly in mine. Love this feeder. See how you can put seed in later? Love my spiral bird feeder!!
  53. I bought your rocker feeder and love it! The orioles chose the new feeder over our old right away. We were lucky enough to have a scarlet tanager visit and return. Thank you so much! Bought the feeder at the Farmer's Market in Dubuque while visiting family. Can't wait to get another one. Love this feeder!!!
  54. Ruth: Love my new feeder, thanks! And so do the orioles. Thanks so very much for the quick response. These are the very best oriole feeders and this year we had a bonanza of birds. We’ve had many other birds come in for a jelly snack too! Love them!!
  55. I absolutely love this Feeder! The jelly cups are great!
  56. Pretty much non-stop action at the feeder. The most orioles I’ve ever had. I’m on my third jar of grape jelly!  I wanted to add that the squirrels haven’t bothered the feeder. They’ve studied it and given up!
  57. I have put seed and they devour it. What’s nice is the shell drops back into the cup so no ground mess.
  58. I cannot keep both of them full. Going through a jar of jelly a day. I had as many as 11 birds sitting waiting their turn.
  59. Loving my feeder the chickadees especially. I have suet balls in it since I don't have any Orioles here but I do have grosbeaks

  60. Oh, maybe your feeder that I got will attract an indigo Bunting. Rare for me to see one. BTW...I have never had so many Orioles visiting as this year with your feeder.

  61. So delighted with your feeders! I now have attracted a male and female oriole here in Logan UTAH . Also have a pair of hummingbirds coming regularly to another feeder. Lots of common birds but these 2 stand out. Also happened to spy a plover running along the curb across from me! 

  62. I love mine and now 2 of my children have bought their own! 

  63. great feeders! Highly recommend them!

  64. I love my feeder, for the first time able to enjoy an Oriole for a good 10 minutes at this feeder. 💖  

  65. I have the four cup feeder too and love it! I just use songbird mix and all the blue jays, nuthatches, sparrows, flickers, hairy/downy wood peckers, and cardinals love them.

  66. Omgosh!! Got our Spiral Bird Feeder today!! We love it. It’s made so well and is so so cute. Can’t wait to use it. Thanks you. And super speedy delivery to boot!!!

  67. Every time I see the birds you put on, they are all the same birds that I get in NH. Will be putting these feeders out again soon for the Orioles. Never had so many orioles as last summer when I put these feeders out for the first time.

  68. Love that feeder, attracted many species with multiple foods last summer! Worth every penny!! Very durable!!

The Spiral Bird Feeder is virtually indestructible & attracts a variety of birds year-round!