★ Proud to say handmade in the USA ★

Videos and Publicity Spots

Dubuque Telegraph Herald newspaper 'Biz Buzz' news article

Spiral Bird Feeder Owners Facebook page photos & videos

VIDEO - Typical spring/summer action on the feeders

VIDEO - Typical winter action on the feeders with disposable bowls

VIDEO - Orioles song (turn up the volume)

VIDEO - Scarlet tanager, indigo bunting & cardinal

VIDEO - 36 degrees below zero – Ice forms on the wings

VIDEO - Watch goldfinch color change in the spring

VIDEO - King of the feeder for the time being

VIDEO - Spring Rain and snow.  Emptying rain water

VIDEO - Insect & jelly lunch.  No need to make mealtime a drab affair.

The Spiral Bird Feeder is virtually indestructible & attracts a variety of birds year-round!