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  • SBF-4, Spiral Birdfeeder, Quad

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    Quad Spiral Birdfeeder has a unique, self-leveling center pivot point that allows the feeder to rock 90° to simulate natural tree motions. Tighten bolt to stop rocking or remove bolt for max. rocking motion. See our videos page for examples.  This Quad Rocker has four individual cells for feeding and providing more variety of food options.  Proud to say, hand-made in the USA.  Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.  Also available on  Amazon.

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    • Fully welded, high-tensile steel is powder coated for longevity.
    • Included 16" stem, Spiral Birdfeeder hangs from shepherd's hooks, tree limbs, eaves, gutters, etc.
    • Securely holds orange halves, jelly (2 cups included), seed, suet, meal worms, etc for year around use.
    • 2 ea. red silicone jelly cups are included, as are 2 ea. sample 20 oz. disposable bowls.
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      The Spiral birdfeeder is virtually indestructible & attracts a variety of birds year around! NOT squirrel proof.